Senior uses music performance as escape


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Senior August Nickles plays saxophone in Curtis Thomas’s jazz band class.

 Music is a comfort for the musically gifted senior, August Nickles. Nickles plays alto sax, tenor sax, clarinet, trumpet, bass, guitar, ukulele, banjo, piano, violin, chello, and is known to be very creative and passionate about music. 

  ”It’s a safe place and it’s a getaway at school,” she said.

    August uses music to get away from the stress and anxiety of school. August got into music in sixth grade and she has made many friends that have kept her in the band. The saxophone is her main instrument.

   When asked why she switched from clarinet to saxophone she said,”because saxophone is louder and we didn’t have enough saxophonists in the jazz band my sophomore year.” 

    August has been playing music for about seven or eight years now, and she stated that her favorite music to play is blues because it is fun to improv. 

   Senior Sam Waters notices her passion and her dedication for music. Sam and August have known each other for the majority of their life but have been good friends for about six years. 

  “I believe she likes music because it gives her a sense of connection to the world and it can calm her down,” he said.

  Band director Curtis Thomas has been working with Nickels for two years and recognizes her enthusiasm and skill. He said her strengths are in her technical ability, improvisational skills and her passion for music.

   “August has a passion for music that started early in her life and came from her family. She has a drive to be the best she can be in music and I admire that,” he said. “I believe that she’d rather be in a music class all day if she could.  She is always prepared and ready to help others in music also.”

   After high school, Nickels does plan to attend college.

   “She is a very talented person that has a lot of potential and I can see her going far in life,” Waters said.

  “This year August has led by example and is very dependable.  I look forward to hearing great things from her musically when she graduates,” Thomas said.