Students make memories through summer journeys

Sophomore Mackenzie Weaver vacations in Florida with her family.

Riley Karr, Staff Writer

Over the summer there were many travel opportunities, and the students of Warsaw took full advantage of them all. The variety of trips ranged from cheer camp in Warrensburg, traveling to Texas, or even just going to Kansas.

Dolphin cruises, shopping, getting locked out of the room and laying on the beach are a few of the things that sophomore Mackenzie Weaver did while in Florida. Weaver goes on a family vacation to Florida every year over the summer.

Senior Jake Freeman and his family, along with senior Luke Spry, spent one week in a timeshare in Florida. While they were there they spent their time on the beach, and jet skiing in the ocean.

Freeman said he would like to go back. “There were some great beaches.”

Senior Tristen Weiser went to Montana and South Dakota. While she was in Montana with her family and grandparents, she was no where near warm despite it being the middle of June.While Weiser was visiting Yellowstone National Park and it was snowing so bad that even sitting in the front row they were unable to see Old Faithful go off. Many special memories were made on this trip.

“We went to Mt. Rushmore on Father’s day, this day was very special to because my grandpa had promised this trip to my dad since he was seven,” said Weiser.

The rivers in Missouri this summer were full of WHS students all on canoe trips. Senior Brooklyn Spencer rented a cabin in Lebanon with 16 of her friends and spent the weekend floating along the Niangua River. Senior Ryan Todd also went on a float trip with a group of his friends on the Niangua River.

Tennessee was also a popular place for Warsaw students over the summer. Sophomore Brennan Bell was one of the students who went to Tennessee. Bell’s visit was to spend time with family and friends in her former home town. While on her visit, she also passed the time by seeing the city and going shopping.

Nashville was also visited by sophomore Kaci Cooner and her family over summer break. Cooner’s family was traveling for her brother’s baseball league. While the Cooner family was there, they watched around eight baseball games, went line dancing, and explored the downtown area.

Texas was also visited this year by freshman Emily Stantorf. While there, Stantorf went to Six Flags, shopped, and visited with family for three weeks. Stantorf took this trip with her older sister.

“This trip brought me closer to my family because I had not seen them in about four years.” Stantorf said.

One travel arrangement that took place through the school was the WHS cheer camp in Warrensburg. This trip included all of the Warsaw High School cheerleaders. The camp lasted for four days and while they were there they learned how to improve stunts and learned new dances. Freshman Naomi Meyers took many memories with her such as the late night bonding with the entire cheer squad.

Meyers said “Cheer camp was very helpful because I learned how to improve in multiple ways.”

Although some of the Warsaw students went far away over the summer others stayed home and had a good time.

Senior Amanda Daffron did not stray far from home, taking small trips to Six Flags and the pool in Olathe. Daffron also visited her sister in Kansas and went to a sushi restaurant.