New students adjust to WHS

   Warsaw High School has welcomed a total of 40 new students this year. For some students, moving to Warsaw is a very big change. 

  “My biggest change was adjusting to the new environment and how small the town is compared to my old school with 3,500 kids in the school. I am enjoying it so far. It was challenging at first adjusting to the area, but I’ve had a lot of people supporting and helping me through it,” junior Abby Dendish said. 

   Dendish moved to Warsaw from Fort Worth, Texas Keller Central High School. Her family had moved from Missouri to Texas when she was three.

  “I like the school because it is easy to find my way around,” Dendish said.

   Most students try to be welcoming and helpful as much as they can when a new student joins Warsaw. 

   “I tried to welcome the new student Josephine Kelsey by being her partner in volleyball and hanging out with her outside of school,” Said sophomore Ciara Kleihauer 

   “I love Warsaw, the students and staff are very friendly and welcoming,” senior Hannah Stewart said. Stewart moved to Warsaw from Van Horn High School in Independence. 

  Stewart said her biggest challenge in the school change was the fewer course opportunities that a small school like Warsaw could offer.

   Many students have found a way to look at the positive side of moving to Warsaw High. 

   “I love it, I grew up here moving back and forth, I love the school district,” senior Gabby Jones said. Jones returned to Warsaw this year after being in Crocker. She was glad to come back to what she considers her hometown.

   “Yes, teachers teach better here than the teachers at the school in Arkansas,” 

  freshman Gabby Pierce said.