Halloween fun creates lasting memories

Alexis Riga , Editor-in-chief & staff writer

Pumpkin carving, corn mazes and Trick-or-Treating are all aspects that make up the exciting and nerve-racking holiday, Halloween.

Families participate in traditional festivities and create memories.

“The tradition for my family every year is setting up our trunk for trunk and treat,” freshman Naomi Meyers said.

It is time to put on those masks and become someone else for one fun night. It is Halloween. Students have spent many childhood nights going door-to-door, collecting candy dressed as their favorite superheroes, cartoon characters or frightful beasts.

“My favorite part about Halloween is carving pumpkins and seeing all the people express themselves with their costumes,” junior Payton Adair said.

These costumes created fun experiences for kids, as they have fun memories while dressing up.

“One time I dressed up as Mitt Romney with a mask and sword, and I tried to fight people the whole night,” junior Allison Porter said.

However, some students have long-ago abandoned the tradition of dressing up.

“I don’t dress up for Halloween anymore because I feel like I’m too old,” junior Ray Utter said.

While celebrating the American Halloween tradition, students have made fond memories.

“One Halloween, another kid and I had the same costume and my mom thought that he was me. She was trying to get him to come with her and everything, it was funny,” junior Devon Parish said.

Halloween is a fun holiday that lets people express themselves in costumes and doing whatever festivities they desire.