Delayed driver release puts students behind

At 3:31, students are released for the day to get to sports practices, jobs, or extracurricular responsibilities, but a large percentage of high school students must wait at least five minutes before being allowed to leave the classroom and get on with their busy schedules – they are the students who drive.
After a long day at school students are anxious to get in their car, turn their music up and head to where they need to be. Staying in classes longer so the buses can be dismissed is causing students to have to hurry to get places on time. Students are having to rush to work and extra curricular activities such as softball, baseball, football, weights, golf, etc.
This is the reason why so many students seem to be breaking the rules and leaving their classrooms early to be the first to their cars and early in the line.
The rule is being enforced because students were leaving the school before the buses causing the buses to get out later and a safety hazard to everyone involved.
This being said, it makes the parking lot way more dangerous than it needs to be with students flying out of the parking lot. Students should be released when the bus riders are released and just have to wait to leave the parking lot until after the buses have pulled out just like in the previous years. Although you are still waiting for the buses, it still shaves off at least 3-5 minutes off your time to where you don’t have to rush as much. Teachers have been fighting students with this for as long as the rule has been implemented, so why not give students the small amount of freedom that they are asking for?
We are way past our middle school years and can be responsible and not speed in front of the busses. Students who chose to violate this rule should be punished or have their driving on campus privileges revoked. Students will not take responsibility unless they are given the opportunity to be responsible.
With that being said, there will always be that one student that abuses his or her privilege. We as a whole should not be punished because of a few people’s bad decisions. This year is stressful and strenuous enough for students, small freedoms would go a long way.