Students enjoy thrill of being scared


Riley Karr, Staff Writer

Walking through a pitch black hallway just waiting for an insane clown to jump out might be considered a good time to many students. It is this adrenaline rush from being scared that brings people to horror films and haunted houses.
Usually, once kids get too old to go trick or treating, they start to either spend the Halloween night watching scary movies or going to a haunted house. Some people claim that they hate being scared, yet continue to subject themselves to frightful events.
Junior Jonathon Plybon, who has never been to a haunted house, personally enjoys being scared because it makes him feel alive and gets his heart pumping.
“Even the faint hearted probably like the little jolt you feel and like to feel their heart beat faster, either that or I’m the only one and I am just insane,” Plybon said.
Stephen King, an author whose very name brings up thoughts of horror, wrote that everyone has some part of himself that yearns for the heart-racing and palm-sweating feelings that come with being scared. In his article, “Why We Crave Horror Movies.” King starts out his article with the phrase, “I think that we’re all mentally ill; those of us outside the asylums only hide it a little better-and maybe not all that much better, after all.” Maybe in some way King is right, that everyone has some part of himself that yearns for the heart racing and palm sweating.
Science teacher Bob Foster thinks that people enjoy to be scared because it is an adrenaline rush, and a small break from reality. He goes to some kind of haunted house or corn maze every year with his family.

“I would rather go to a scary movie than a haunted house because haunted houses are interactive.” Foster said.
When Foster was younger, he and his friends were exploring a haunted house, and he fell through the floor. All of his friends ran off when they discovered that he was gone because they thought that something had gotten him.

Junior Rickie Branson said that she likes haunted houses because she enjoys the thrill. However, Branson does not like to be scared unless she is prepared to be scared or if she has someone with her.
Senior Kylie Walker loves going to haunted houses because of the adrenaline rush and the fact that she does not know what is going to happen next. Walker’s first reaction when scared is to pee her pants.

“I would rather go to a scary movie because then I can get popcorn and have someone else pay for it,” said Walker