All I want for Christmas. . .

Students come up with gift giving ideas


Gracie Comer

Freshman Angela Konopasek and junior Sarah Johnson decorate business teacher Bethany Siegel’s classroom Christmas tree. Siegel has been using her grandfathers glass ornaments to decorate her tree for many years now.

From picking out the perfect gift to being on a budget, Christmas shopping can be a stressful time for most people. As students start holiday shopping, they hope to recapture past gift-giving success.
“The best gift I’ve ever given is probably framed pictures of me and my friends. I give one to each of my friends because they’re some of my favorite people and I love them,” sophomore Ashlyn Laue said.

“I made my grandpa a bench to help him work on his cars since he can’t get on the ground very well. He appreciated it a lot because it was very helpful,” sophomore Abigail Feltrop said.
“The best gift I’ve ever gotten someone was for my brother. I got him a gun and I thought of this gift because he’s very outdoorsy and I just based it off his personality,” junior Jacklyn Goddard said.

I made my grandpa a bench to help him work on his cars since he can’t get on the ground very well. He appreciated it a lot because it was very helpful,

— Sophomore Abigail Feltrop

Students say they will shop both online and in stores this year.

“I will probably buy/shop online and in store this year. I love ordering online because I get to stay in bed but I also like to be in stores so I can see exactly what I’m getting,” Laue said.
“I will most likely shop in stores, maybe some online. Honestly, a good mixture of both,” junior Julie Long said.
Students are asking for a variety of things this year which might just help find that perfect gift.

“The presents I’m going to ask for this year are probably just hoodies and some new boots. I’m asking for those things because I love hoodies because they keep me warm and my boots that I have now are torn up, so it’s time for a new pair,” sophomore Emily Younce said.

“I’m asking for a new phone and new clothes because my phone barely works and I love new clothes,” Laue said.
“I’ve thought about asking for a new laptop for school and then college,” Long said.
“I’m asking for super hero collectibles because I enjoy them,” sophomore Hudson Karr said.

Many students know just how to pick out what gifts are the best to give.
“The way I decide what gift I’m going to get someone is by taking what they like and also by their interests or what they have recently said they wanted,” Younce said.
“I decide what present I should get people by asking them what their favorite movie or genre is and then I get them something from it,” freshman Elliot Kowal said.

“I base it on what they like to do (hobbies, sports, etc.) or just what I know they will like. I like to get people snacks and blankets for Christmas because it’s the easiest and everyone likes being warm and eating,” Laue said.