Senior sees future in welding


George Montez

Seniors Zach Sharp and Justin Martin practice box jumps in weights class. Sharp is perfecting his skills for football season

Welding, hunting and sports keep senior Zach Sharp busy.

Sharp has been going to CTC for welding since his junior year and is in Agriculture Construction class here at WHS.

“Welding is fun, because you make a lot of money,” Sharp said.

Sharp plans to go wherever welding takes him, already having plans to attend State Fair Community College to get his degree in welding.

Sharp is in football and baseball. Zach has been playing football for about six years and baseball for ten years.

“Throughout my whole time of playing baseball I’ve kind of been all over the field.” Sharp said.

He has been playing wide receiver for football since he was a little kid.

“We haven’t had a lot of games because it’s either the other school getting COVID or people are scared to play us,” Sharp said.

Though Sharp is a good football and baseball player, he doesn’t plan to continue with sports after high school. Instead he is hoping to pursue a career in welding.

Outside of school and sports, Sharp loves to hunt. He likes to hunt for deer, duck, turkey and fish. Sharp’s favorite thing to hunt is duck.

“[I like duck hunting] because you have freedom, unlike deer hunting when you just sit there,””

— Zach Sharp

Sharp has been hunting for as long as he can remember, the first gun he ever shot was a 410.

Sharp hunts because “there is that satisfaction to getting that wild animal”

Senior Justin Martin is Sharp’s best friend. When Martin was asked why do you like hanging with him he said “He is really chill to be around.”

Martin and Sharp have a plan to go hunting in the future together.