Senior finds joy through self expression in visual art

Senior artist Bonnie Davis works on a project in her third hour Art lll class. Davis enjoys designing tattoos for people.

 Senior Bonnie Davis expresses her world through paint brushes and pencil strokes.

   “What inspires me is how I see the world through art,” Davis said.

   Davis attributes her artistic abilities to her art teacher, Jennifer Greene. 

   “Bonnie has the ability to take an idea and make it ten times more detailed than most art students. This is a huge strength that not many people gain until they are much older. She can also do ideas that are original and not pulled off of a source, which can sometimes be difficult,” Greene said.

   Davis’ biggest influence is Greene and Salvador Dali. Salvador Dali is her biggest influence because of the way he paints using surrealism. 

   “He sleeps and tells himself to remember his dreams and then would wake up and instantly start to paint them. Thinking like that taught me a great deal about the human mind and how we can control ourselves more if we try,”  Davis said.

    Davis first got into art in third grade when she drew a picture of an alligator snapping turtle. After that, she wanted to learn more.

   While Davis doesn’t have a favorite medium or piece that she has created, she thinks she is best with ink, and enjoys it the most.

 “I enjoy very creepy, scary art – twisted art, if I may,” Davis said.

   Davis plans on doing art as a hobby once out of high school. Instead of going to college for art, she aims to attend State Fair Community College for their Dental Hygienist program. In her free time she enjoys designing tattoos for people.