Some Students Missing Afternoon School Snacks


students took a survey on schools snacks an this was the results.


Warsaw students no longer receive district-provided afternoon snacks this year due, in large part, to the cost.   

  The school lost a lot of money doing snacks. Last year, students got snacks during their seventh hour class. These snacks varied each day, but included crackers, cheese sticks, granola bars, fruit snacks, Apples,etc. These snacks were not reimbursed from the state like lunch and breakfast is. Warsaw students get lunch and breakfast for free everyday. The money for snacks came straight from the Warsaw District. The reason the school started doing snacks  is because Warsaw School does not go to school on Mondays and get out of school a little later.

Most kids get hungry before they go to home, because they either have a late lunch shift or have practice after school. 

  Some students believe this has a big impact on students, while others don’t think the snacks were all that important. There are a lot of mixed feelings about this whole thing. Warsaw Food Services director, Erin Feltrop, said that this is not a big impact on her part, but has a big impact on students. 

   “This has a big impact for the kids that don’t get food when they go home,”  freshman Jake McCain said.

   In a recent survey of 98 students, 80.6 of them reported that they missed having the snacks while 19.4 percent reported that they didn’t really care either way.

   “We should get better lunch before we get snacks again,” freshman Ashlyn Laue said.

   Warsaw students want snacks back for multiple reasons. 

   “Snacks helped me get a good boost before football practice,” freshman Nick Bagley said.  

   Warsaw staff does not necessarily want it back because it takes up too much time during class. Most of the kids want snacks back because they are hungry at the end of the day. Some students agree with staff’s perspectives and don’t want snacks back. 

   “It was a big mess and had to clean it up,” freshman Racheal Hawkins said. 


Already this year Warsaw has seen a big Increase in financial since not doing snacks this year.