Location, social media tracking for teens considered necessary precaution or privacy violation

Facebook feeds, Instagram accounts, Snapchat posts, location tracking apps . . . parents today have many ways to find out what their teen is up to, where they are and who they are communicating with.

  Some parents believe tracking their kids is a great idea and don’t see the issue with it.

  “I will use technology to track my son.  Not because I don’t trust him, but more so that I understand crazy things happen in this world.  Cell phones are a very useful tool for our youth, however, most feel that it is a burden/mistrust that is placed on them, when parents choose to track them.  I will say that if tracking my son can help save his life someday, then I will gladly do that,” said social studies teacher Jared Steenburgen.

  Some would like to track their kids because of other members of society.

  “I would say we would use some type of tracking device just because of our distrust in other people, not the kid” said English teacher Whitney Hamilton.

  Then for others they like to have tracking devices just because they like to know how close they are to certain locations or because of their jobs, along with many other reasons.

  “For my senior, I like to do it because if she’s by the store then I can ask her to get something for me. It’s not that I don’t trust them I just like to know,” Math teacher Kara Hill said. “It’s not really to keep track of them but it’s more of a convenience to me to help me know where I need to be when I need to be there.”

  Then others don’t have an issue with parents who track their kids but rather don’t have a purpose for tracking their kids.

  “I don’t know if I disagree with it but I feel like they need their independence,” math teacher Amy Spunaugle said.

  Some teenagers don’t have any issue with their parent tracking their location, ane some even welcome the watchful eye.

  “I agree with tracking because, as of right now, my parents are tracking me. I know that I won’t try to figure a way around it because I know my parents are trying to help me,” said sophomore Grant Miller.

  Many have empathy and believe that their parents are trying to do nothing but help them in anyway that they can. Some students even encourage it and feel safer if their parents do.

  “I don’t see a problem with it, as a matter of fact I downloaded an app for my parents to track me,” sophomore Henry Patton said.

 However, not all students are in favor of their parents knowing their location at all times.  In a recent survey taken of student through Google forms, 59.1 percent of 44 students reported that they were against parental tracking.

  “I personally think it’s a bad idea. You have a bond with your parents, and for some teenagers it can be easily broken by something like this,” junior Samantha Townley said.