Gone too fast, Class of 2018 looks back on time spent together


  Seniors have only a few more days left of high school, but have years of memories with their classmates that have made high school special.

  Many of these memories from the class of 2018 were made on trips and activities they have enjoyed throughout their education.

  “Some of the things I will remember the most our just hanging out with my friends throughout the day, just hanging out in the gym playing basketball and stuff with my friends,” senior Cole Branson said.

  “The most memorable things that happened would have to be going to Chicago and Dallas, Texas with my band friends; it was a lot of fun and I’ll remember those times,” Molly Baumhoff said.

  “Some memorable things through high school would be playing football with my buddies and just hanging out with them,” senior Jesse Andrews siad.

  “I loved hanging out with my friends and playing lots of ball, especially winning against Hallsville, that was a lot of fun and a great memory,” senior Logan Neth said.

  The class grew closer through the ups and downs.

  “Just taking everything as a challenge that I will overcome, I look at it like if I can get through this then I’ll just get better,” senior Nate Fauquier said.

  High school changed this class as they grew and matured over the past four years.

  “High school has made me a lot more open, it has also made me more responsible, now I take care of my own things and it has made me more of an adult,” senior King Archer said.

  “High school has made me more responsible because of the homework and having to grow up, having homework gave me a responsibility,” Baumhoff said.

  “It’s really opened my eyes, how I have gone from a freshman to a senior in what felt like a short amount of time, and how everything has changed,” senior Ryan Sprouse said.

  “From freshman year to senior year, I have become much more responsible and became a get-things-done kind of guy,” Andrews said.

  “I’ve learned to not let a situation define who I am,” senior Jayden Schepker said.

  The class of 2018 enjoyed their time together, on the court or field or in the classroom.

  “Some of the most fun parts were being a part of sports and being with my friends and hanging out with them,” senior Tommy Robitsch said.

  “I remember fishing in Mr. See’s class my sophomore year and that was really fun,” senior Daryl Meldrum said.

  Seniors recognized how quickly their time in high school went by.

  “The past four years flew by, they went too fast,” Archer said.

 “The last four years have been fun filled, adventurous and crazy,” Branson said.

  Much of their last year together was spent planning the next step after high school as the class of 2018 parts ways

   “I’m going to the United States Air Force and I’m excited to see all the places I’m going to get the travel to and all the people I will encounter, I’m nervous too but very excited,¨ senior Kylee Creach said.

  Creach plans on attending college at Missouri State University after she serves in the air force.

  Seniors have some advice that could help the up coming freshman coming into high school that would have been useful four years ago.

  “Let loose, have some fun, show up to school, get involved and participate in things,” Branson said.

  “Stay focused and have some fun (but not too much fun) and work hard,” Neth said.

  “Dont worry too much, it’s only your freshman year and you have three more years to fix whatever you messed up or want to change; just do your work so you can graduate,’ Sprouse said.