Journalism students attend annual J-Day event, get recognized through awards



Brenna Smith, Newspaper News Story, “Students, faculty consider four-day week”


Superior ratings – 7

The Wildcat Student Newspaper 2018

The Wildcat Online 2018

Taylor Bunch, Sports Reaction Photo “Football Celebration”

Becky Petesch, Newspaper News Story, “A Sacrifice Worth Noting”

Becky Petesch, Online Feature Package, “Students give back to the community”

Kya Schepker, Student Life Photo, “Junior Scream”

Kyra Kleihauer, Portrait Photo, “Hands In”


Excellent ratings – 18

Ozark Echoes 2017 Yearbook “You Are Here”

Taylor Bunch, Sports Reaction Photo “Sideline Injury”

Ally Estes, Newspaper News Story, “Privilege turns into punishment”

Ally Estes, Academic Photo, “Ukulele”

Ally Estes, Student Life Photo, “Old Time Tradition”

Ally Estes, Student Life Photo, “Scream War”

Ally Estes, Yearbook Writing, “Band begins year with winter-themed performance”

Becky Petesch, Sports Action Photo, “Softball Swing”

Bonnie Davis, Photo Illustration, “Terror”

Drew Dawson, Newspaper Sports Story, “Team kicks off a new spirit to football program”

Drew Dawson, Student Life Photo, “Band Salute”

Kya Schepker, Sports Action Photo, “Quarterback Run”

Kya Schepker, Sports Reaction Photo, “Football Hug”

Kylee Creach, Online Feature Package, “Student jobs”

Kylee Creach, Yearbook Writing, “Vocalists Perform Through Nerves”

Kyra Kleihauer, Yearbook Student Life Package, “Perspectives Opening”

PetralieJo Wurtz, Student Life Photo, “Solar Eclipse”

Rheanna Coke, Sports Action Photo, “On Guard”


Honorable Mention – 18

Taylor Bunch, Yearbook Sports Package “Taking Back Our Turf”

Tyler Simons, Newspaper Opinion “Players have right to anthem protest

Ally Estes, Sports Action Photo, “Cheer Toss”

Ally Estes, Student Life Photo, “Heritage Days”

Beckty Petesch, Online Sports Package, “Volleyball traditions bring team closer together”

Bonnie Davis, Photo Illustration, “Among the Crowd”

Brenna Smith, Online Sports Package, “Softball team wins district, plays at sectionals”

Drew Dawson, Online Sports Package, “Ambitious multi-sport athletes encouraged”

Drew Dawson, Sports Action Photo “Wrestling Hold”

Ethan Schomburg, Student Life Photo, “Drunk Driving Simulation”

Ethan Schomburg, Sports Package, “Running in Their Shoes”

Kya Schepker, Sports Action Photo, “Cheer On”

Kya Schepker, Sports Action Photo, “Spike”

Kyra Kleihauer, Sports Reaction Photo, “Volleyball Celebration”

Madi Rozzel, Online Feature Package, “Students modify bodies in different ways”

Morgan McGann, Yearbook Student Life Package, “The Things They Carried”

Rheanna Coke, Online Sports Package, “Players welcome new softball regulation”

Brooke Spry, Newspaper Sports Story, “Players struggle through injury, illness as season continues”