Small goals can lead to bigger achievements for big dreamers

Life in Quotes


Photo Editor Brenna Smith

 “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream .” – C.S Lewis

   With the new year comes immense expectations to change your style, life, and attitude. People are hoping to see a “New You.” So when the clock strikes 12 and the glasses clink, we all gather around to wish our loved ones a Happy New Year. During this time we go into auto focus and tend to look for a ridiculous new goal to aim towards. Afterwards, you inevitably fail three days later and revert back to the “Old You.”

  We push ourselves toward these big lofty goals that would require huge lifestyle changes that doom us to fail. Habits are hard to change! Some of us need to learn to be accepting of ourselves before we can start to change our ways. But this does not go without saying; always reach for the stars.

  Real change and real dreams take time and persistence to achieve – you won’t change overnight and you won’t achieve your dreams in one day. It is good to dream big, but small changes toward those goals are necessary – baby steps. Failures will happen, but you must be stubborn and persistent.

  As I get closer to senior year I myself look towards to the future and hope to achieve my goals. Whether that take a month, year, or decade. I can only pray that I have courage within myself and enough strength to not give in when it gets tough.

  C.S Lewis was a famous novelist, academic and Christian apologist. Some of his most famous work was the book series the “Chronicles of Narnia.” His work inspired others to believe in the unseen.

  As a fan of his work, and his beliefs, I, as well as my family, look towards C.S Lewis and his ways and are inspired by his life.

  It’s important to know how to be reasonable with oneself and to accept defeat while still not beating yourself up, but encouraging yourself to move on. It’s okay to make mistakes, that’s a part of being human. Empower yourself to better your life, while putting everything in perspective, and understanding what will benefit you and your goal the most.

  As we age, we start to give up on ourselves with what we can accomplish, we think we are too old to achieve our goals, and give up. As the year goes on, and we forget about our “New Year’s Goal.” Go forward and inspire yourself. Everyday, every week, no matter the year.