Students play games, win prizes at Christmas assembly

Juniors Keion Davis, Connor McLaughlin, and Mikey Wetro participate in the prince candidate game. The game was to eat the the whole box of cookies first. Keion Davis was the winner of the prince game.

  The student council has made a tradition to host a Christmas assembly every year the day all students go on break, the assembly is to excite students about their Christmas break. The games give students the opportunity to win prizes and make others laugh and have fun.

  There were many different games and activities played to get students and faculty involved and excited for the Christmas season. Some of the games included a wreath finding game, and a candidate cookie-eating game.

  The candidates for the junior class were Connor McLaughlin, Keion Davis, Mikey Wetro. The senior candidates were Cash Miller, Lee Newell, and Nate Fauquier. They participated in the cookie eating game. They each had to eat the sugar cookies and they would have to finish first to be the winner for each class. Junior Keion Davis and senior Nate Fauquier were the winners for each class.

  “It was hard to keep eating, and all that was running through my mind was to not throw up,” Miller said.

  The king was senior Cash Miller and the prince was junior Keion Davis.

 Another game that was played was a game that involved dice and two students from each class. They had to roll the dice one at a time to pass the saran wrap ball. To keep passing the ball, than the next player in line must roll doubles on the dice. The object of the game is to be the first one to get to the very middle and win the gift card. Freshman Tim Burkhart was the winner of that game.

   Student Council gave away gifts by drawing names. There were several prizes, such as mugs, games, blankets, ear buds and lots of other prizes. There was two TVs that were given out. Sophomore Rayni Simons won the TV for a drawing and senior Jayden Shepker won a TV for good attendance.

   “Honestly I thought that the prize would be a mug, or a blanket because that’s what everyone else got. Then they brought out the TV and that was surprising,” Simons said.

   During the wreath game the point was to gather the most wreaths around the room that the students possibly can. Some students were pushing trash cans around with wreaths attached to keep the players from getting it, so the game would be more funny.

  “I think people enjoyed the wreath game the most, it seemed most entertaining and people seemed to have most fun with it,” sophomore Larren Yoder said.

  There was lots of work put into decorating for the assembly, Student council sponsor, Jennifer Greene was the one to put the whole assembly together. She gathered all of the gifts, arranged the games, and found the prince and king candidates with some help of Student Council.

  “I believe the students enjoyed being able to hang out with their friends before going on break. I think they also enjoyed the opportunity to receive gifts from their Student Council,” Greene said.

  There were several Student council members that played the roll of elves, freshman Brooke Spry, Sophomores, Payge Adair, Aubrie Mcroberts, and Becky Petesh, junior Abby Foster that helped with the gifts and drawing names. The music playlist was conducted by freshman Rheanna Coke, the games were helped by all Student Council