Small acts of kindness prompt recognition for two students


Drew Dawson

Freshman Ameer Evans holds the door open for students on their way to class. Evans makes this a recurrence everyday.

  The definition of a hero is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” The STUCO cabinet decided to start ‘Student of the Week’ and have been on the lookout for students that have these said qualities, two students that stood out in their eyes were freshman Ameer Evans and junior Evan Kowal. Both continue to create small acts of kindness which were very much recognized.

  “Since I’m student body president, I spent the first couple of months looking for people who were spreading positivity,” senior Hannah Chapman said.

Freshman Ameer Evans was the first chosen for ‘Student of the Week.’

  Evans is a very polite student and would hold the door open for every single student as they get to class.

 “He didn’t receive a lot of thank you’s so I thought a good way to do so was by giving him the ‘Student of the Week’ title,” Chapman said.

 Evans isn’t involved in any sports or clubs and said he’s happy that he was nominated but, like heroes in movies, he doesn’t view himself as a High School Hero but has thoughts on how others look at him.

  “A friend or person who has a service heart,” Evans said.

Evans likes to spend his free time helping his mom singing at the nursing home. He likes being there for his friends and people who are in need of help.

  “My interest is to make a change,” Evans said.

His favorite classes include science, gym and academic lab where he is able to catch up on work. Evans future plans consist of buying a house, possibly starting his own business and getting married one day.

  The second ‘Student of the Week’ is junior Evan Kowal. Chapman describes Kowal as a person who is kind to everyone and always using his manners.

  “I don’t do things for recognition so I don’t have any special feelings about nomination,” Kowal said.

  Kowal is always helping students out by putting their trays away at lunch, helping janitors with the chairs after lunch, letting people ahead of him in line and getting computers out for everyone during class.

 “I feel like people perceive me as nice and smart; I try to help out where I can,” Kowal said.

Kowal enjoys reading and getting as much sleep as he can. He likes books, building with Legos, parkour and listening to Pirates of the Caribbean soundtracks. Kowal can’t just pick one favorite class because he enjoys all of them.

“After high school, I hope to get into college. After that I hope to go into Biblical ministry or whatever God has planned for me,” Kowal said.

Chapman believes helping students and spreading positivity is a contiguous thing that will be noticed.