Eating, traveling and making memories are student Thanksgiving traditions

  Thanksgiving, is a time of gathering with family and friends to give thanks for all life has given and has to offer in the future. Whether it be food, sports, conversation, family activities, trips, or a combination of all, everyone has a unique way of spending this day of reflection.

  Freshman Logan Strunk has always had the family tradition of traveling to Ohio to spend time with family.

  “When we go up there, we usually just sit around talking and catching up with each other,” Strunk said.

  Many people associate Thanksgiving with enormous amounts of food, and rightfully so. According to, about 50 million pumpkin pies are consumed each Thanksgiving, with the average person consuming 3,000 calories.

  “We used to travel out of state for Thanksgiving. We would have our actual “get together and eat” time the Friday or Saturday after because family worked on Thanksgiving, so Thursday was usually our travel day. One year, we just kind of forgot everything would be closed because of the holiday, so we didn’t have any food or anywhere to go out to eat. Our “Thanksgiving meal” ended up being Hot Pockets from the gas station by our hotel,” junior Kamryn Yach said.

  Although Thanksgiving is a holiday known for enormous amounts of food, many families have traditions other than the delicious meals.

  Family pictures each year are a tradition for senior Colter Hetherington and his family.

  “Last year, during family photos, my aunt fell into a ditch behind us right as we were getting ready to take the picture,” Hetherington said.

Regardless of the traditions, may it be food, football, trips, photos, students remember to spend this Thanksgiving being thankful for all life has given and everything that the future holds.