Students indulge in strange foods and beverages

Unusual foods and beverages are something that a lot of students indulge in and tend to keep quiet about. Some students who have the guts to share their guilty pleasure love to tell others about their weird food and hope to get them to try it.

  Sophomore Madeline Shockmann, who rather enjoys the taste of gummy bears in her chocolate ice cream, is just one example of the few.

 “My family said it was weird,” Shockmann said. “But I think it’s delicious.”

While these students love their strange diets, their parents view on the unusual quirks vary. Sophomore Chris Gemes makes his favorite cup of coffee by mixing chocolate syrup, milk, and brown sugar into it.
“In the process of making my cup of joe, my dad gave me a weird look,” Gemes said. “But after tasting it he said it was good.”

Gemes has been drinking this unusual mix for two years and in the years to come he plans to entertain the idea of drinking this mixture to fellow friends of his.

“It is a one-of-a-kind flavor. You can’t compare it to anything else,” Gemes said.

 People may also find their quirk by simply wanting to try something new. Senior Tyler Simons was at a concession stand at a youth baseball game in Kansas City when he was first introduced to his quirk at age 11. His drink consists of Mountain-Dew and a single flavor of Gatorade in which he calls it Gator-Dew. Simons tries to introduce people to the drink when the thought comes to mind.

 “It’s the perfect mix of sugary and salty,” Tyler Simons said.

  Some people have had their unusual food or beverage since they were young. Many coming about their unusual food by mixing different ingredients together to get something that they hope is delicious.

 “When I was little ,we ran out of jelly and I figured peanut butter and butter has a similar name, maybe it would taste good,” said sophomore Alexa Scrivener, “and it tastes good.”

Scrivener has tried to convince her close friends to eat it.

“I try to let people try it but they usually think I’m weird,” Scrivener said.