Students, visitors enjoy lake town features

  As summer wraps up and leaves start to fall, students continue to visit their favorite places in Warsaw even as the weather changes. Some of these areas have been here since the town was built and others have been recently added. Students find many places popular and always have a good suggestion to give to weekend visitors.

  “I would go to the harbor (Drake Harbor) because It’s pretty and in the middle of town,” senior Colter Hetherington said.

  Some students recommend their favorite places to eat.

  “I would send visitors to El Camino because the food is good and the setup is nice,” freshman Taylor Spry said.

  Spry also mentioned places that are seasonal as well.

  “I like the pool in the summer, there’s a lot to do. It cools you off and the slide is lit,” Spry said.

  Some of these locations are visited frequently by citizens of Warsaw.

  “The dam is important because it’s a very historic part of Warsaw,” senior Gabby Flores said.

  Mac Vorce from the Warsaw Chamber of Commerce is experienced with the local favorites of Warsaw and knows what people would like.

  “I normally send first-time visitors to three places: The Benton County Museum, The Visitor’s Center, and the Fish Hatchery,” Vorce said.

  These locations also have historic value that visitors and students alike would find intriguing.

  “I would send visitors to the Museum because it tells a lot about the Dam. I send them to the Visitors center because they get to learn a lot about Warsaw and what it is,” Vorce said. “They would learn about how steamboats were used like how semi trucks are used today.”

 Vorse has information stored about Warsaw that he shares with visitors upon giving his recommendations. An example of such facts could include that the Lake of the Ozarks has more shoreline than the entire state of California.

  “The Visitors center is probably the most visited attraction along with our hiking and bike trails. The Overlook has some very nice views, seeing as how we are right in the middle of two lakes. The history of Warsaw was wild; it was actually burned three or four times during the Civil War,” Vorce said.