Seniors prepare for graduation with one final elementary walk

The Seniors who chose to go to North School from their senior walk stand in front of the school, one last time as students. First row: Maddie Freeman, Erica Flores, Alexis Smith, Darian Cook, Nathan Stutes, and Marissa Wilbanks. Second row: Haven Johnson, Kaitlyn Sally, Jessica Cooper, Jade Todd, Chris Bozarth, Laura Henderson, Dustin Koffee, and Haleigh Kennedy. Third row: Melissa Brown, Makayla Mais, Nichole Payne, Jonathan Petesch, Hunter Green, Bailey, Sharp, Rebecca Letcher, and Trenton Simmons. Fourth row: Madison Grobe, Kaitlin Jones, Ciera Sawyers, Mercedes, Baer, Blake Brodersen, and Will Bunch. Fifth row: Anthony Beuke, Samantha Thompson, Mackenzie Bauer, Amee Wiggins, and Chance Adams. Sixth row: Wesley Carr, Tommy Reffet, Evan Saupe, Skyler Breshears, and Dayton Kruger. Seventh row: Nathan Perry, Dylan Glaab, Chris England, Christian Hanes, Jonathan Kirmse, and Drue Hammond.
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The seniors that went to the South School for their senior walk pose in front of the school’s sign. Front row: Noah Long and Tristen Surrell. Second row: Erika Huffman, Ashlee Kuykendall, Ashlyn Yoder, Mykal Albers, Kylee Guyette, Kaci Cooner, Johna Newman, Garrett Smith, Dalton Boucher, Corey Nahrstadt and William Cawood. Third row: Frank McMillin, Sadie Friend, Dakota Bilderbeck, Jacob Hart, Hunter Bagley, Corey Callahan, Cade Chiles, Austin Gardner and Seth Eckoff. Fourth row: Cheyene Pierce, Tina Jones, John Webster, and Michael Pierce.
Brenna Smith
Senior Cade Chiles reminisced about his elementary school experiences during the senior walk. Chiles went to South School as a child and came back for the senior walk on Friday, May 12.
Nathan Townley
Senior Haleigh Kennedy exits the North School fifth grade hallway. Kennedy went to North when she was in elementary school.
Nathan Townley
Senior Rebecca Letcher high fives the children at North School. The children lined up in the cafeteria and the fifth grade hallway for the senior walk on Friday, May 12.