A Night at the Movies

Yearbook students enjoy larger space to host Echoes Ball

The Ozark Echoes yearbook staff spent weeks preparing for the annual Echoes Ball, opting to give guests more space by moving the semi-formal  “A Night at the Movies” to the middle school cafeteria on March 11.

  The staff took advantage of a school-free Friday to decorate according the the Hollywood-related theme. They started at 10 in the morning and finished right before 4 in the afternoon.

  Senior yearbook editor-in-chief Makayla Mais was worried about the threat of snow because the staff had been working for two weeks prior to the dance. She and the Echoes staff put in many hours after school to complete decorations.

  “The theme was about Hollywood and went along with our yearbook theme ‘You Are Here,’ which is about the destinations you will reach in life and the people you meet along the way,” Mais said.

  Mais and senior Wesley Carr were crowned as queen and king. Juniors Dallas Larsen and Mikayla Andrews were crowned as prince and princess.

  “I liked dancing with everyone and not just my group of friends,” Carr said.

 Journalism adviser Amanda Adler said the middle school provided more space for dancing and coronation.

  “I liked having the dance in the middle school. There was more room to dance and have fun,” sophomore Kayla Boucher said.

  Students thought that having the dance in the middle school was a good idea because it was a different place to have it and they don’t see the middle school everyday.

  “I think that the dance turned out well, and the decorations were really cool. You can tell that they were thought about and not just thrown together,” senior Michael Pierce said.

  Freshman Billi Erwin said that it was fun because she got to dance a lot with her friends. Erwin also thought it was fun because everyone let loose and was their his or her own self.

  “I thought what was mainly fun was that you could see that everyone was having fun.” Boucher said.