Courtwarming reigns over Warsaw High


Junior Tyler Simons, Ashton Adams, Senior Ashlee Kuykendall, and Austin Gardner show off their newly attired crowns. Photo submitted

Courtwarming this year featured the resurgence of the traditional post-game dance, thanks to Pep Club hosting the event after the week-long annual basketball celebration. The week also featured themed dress-up days, assembly games and a coronation of the Courtwarming royalty on Feb. 10.

  After the coronation the Courtwarming dance took place in the gym with roughly 50-75 people attending.

  Spirit week featured days for students to honor the “throwback” theme.

  Winners of overall spirit week were senior Ashlee Kuykendall and freshman Lerran Yoder. Winners of Decades Day were senior Ashlyn Yoder and freshman Lerran Yoder. Flash Forward winners were seniors Corey Callahan and Melissa Brown. Musicians Day winners were senior Ashlee Kuykendall and freshmen Kathryn Ricke and Lerran Yoder. Throwback Movie/TV day winners were junior Mikayla Andrews and sophomore Jacob Luebbert. Color war day winners were senior Ashlyn Yoder and junior Rayne Faulconer.

  Junior Kyra Kleihauer was one of the princess candidates.

  “My favorite part about being a candidate was being more involved with spirit week, and planning fun things with my best friend Ashton Adams. My favorite spirit week day was the Throwback Movie Day, because all of the prince and princess candidates got together and dressed like we were from the movie ‘Grease.’ It was definitely a lot of fun, and it was cool that instead of trying to ‘one-up each other’ we actually participated together,” Kleihauer said.

  Coronation was held halftime of the varsity match.

  Junior Ashton Adams was also a princess candidate and brought home the crown.

   “I was definitely surprised. I never in a million years thought that it would be me, I was super excited about it,” Adams said.

  The day of Courtwarming, there were several games held for all of the candidates, students, and teachers to participate in and get excited for the upcoming night.

  The night of Courtwarming the boys basketball team played against School of the Osage, taking a loss of 70-44.

  During halftime the candidates stepped out onto the court. King and queen were titled to seniors Austin Gardner and Ashlee Kuykendall. Prince and princess were titled to junior Tyler Simons and Adams.

  Simons was very surprised when he was crowned prince.

  “Walking up to the stage and standing with Briar was my favorite part of the night,” Simons said.