Long-time friends overcome high school obstacles to remain close beyond graduation


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Senior Michael Pierce and 2015 Graduate Dalton Davis take a photo together before prom last year.

  Being friends in high school can include a lot of drama and even rumors. Childhood friendships often have been ruined due to these things. Friends have to figure out a way to continue being friends after high school.

  Senior Anthony Beuke said that his friendship with senior Wesley Carr has been hard in high school due to rumors, and people trying to make them go against each other. Beuke said that he hopes to continue his friendship with Carr.

  “It’s going to be harder because we won’t see each other every day anymore,”  Beuke said.

Beuke and Carr have been best friends for as long as they can remember. Their best memory together is going to WWE with their families on Labor Day and getting the “Rally Horn.”

  Some senior childhood friends plan on moving into an apartment or a dorm together and living together. Senior Mackenzie Bauer and her best friend, senior Tristin Surrell, of seven years plan to move in together while going to college at State Fair Community College. Bauer said that her friendship with Surrell  won’t be any different than it was in high school because they are going to live together.

  “We won’t see each other every single day like we do now, unless we live together,” Surrell said.

  Whether they live together or not Surrell said that their friendship will continue because no matter what she will find a way to see Bauer. Surrell and Bauer didn’t get to see each other for a long time and Surrell surprised Bauer at Sonic one day.

 According to the article “14 Things That Will Happen With Your Friends After You Graduate From High School” by Caitlin Corsetti, things will drastically change after graduation with high school friends. Friends will cram in as much time together in the summer as possible because they are going to different colleges, and won’t see each other as often. It also says that friends may get jealous of new friends, but when they reunite it will be as if nothing changed.

   Senior Jade Todd said continuing her friendship with junior Christina Oprzedek will be different since she will still be in high school, even though they have only been since since the beginning of this school year when the met on the school bus. Todd said that she will do anything to continue her friendship with Oprzedek.

   2016 graduate Dalton Davis he said he still remains friends with some of his high school buddies. Davis said even though he doesn’t see his best friend, senior Michael Pierce, everyday, Davis knows that if he ever needs anything Pierce would be there for him. Pierce said that his best memory with Davis is when they went swimming and the later went on the rope swing, and it broke while he  was on it. Davis and Pierce still make time for one another, even if it is Davis coming to Pierce’s work and eating.

  “Dalton and I have been best friends for a long time and I don’t think we aren’t ever going to be best friends.” Pierce said.