Students show love and dislike for trends of 2016


Ethan Schomburg

Senior Rebecca Letcher flips a Gatorade bottle. Bottle flipping was popular trend in 2016.

Some trends dominated 2016 like no other. From the dab to the bottle flip, 2016 was definitely the year for trends.

  “My favorite trend was the word lit because it could be used with almost anything like dude that’s lit or this party is lit,’” senior Rebecca Letcher said.

  A lot of trends were followed in the high school.

  “I think that bottle flipping was the most popular because it gave people something to do and they were able to show off when they did it,” junior Cash Miller said.

  There are also trends that students think need to retire and not continue in 2017. Dabbing seems to be the most popular one that students want to go away. It seemed that dabbing became annoying and students just want it to finally move on.

  “The dab needs to go away as it’s starting to get annoying,” sophomore Chance Thirstrup said.

  “Dabbing needs to for sure die in 2017. It was over used and is super annoying because people will pretend to high five you and then dab and say you just got dabbed on,” Letcher said.  

  These trends showed what 2016 was all about and the creativity people still have to this day.

  “These trends show 2016 as a whole because these trends were everywhere from school, to TV and even YouTube. No matter where you were, everyone was doing it,” Miller said.