Homecoming Heroes

Students celebrate class pride

Homecoming Heroes

Homecoming Heroes

Students celebrate class pride

  From chanting S-E-N-I-O-R as they rode the float down Main Street, to an assembly game when  junior Cole Branson dropped junior Maddie Keeton on her face, to the Homecoming dance mosh pit where everyone got a few elbows in, Homecoming 2016 was a celebration to remember.

  This year’s Homecoming was on Sept. 2, but students celebrated all week long with spirit week, a parade, an assembly, and the main event on Homecoming night.

   The spirit days were Olympic Day, Dynamic Duo, Powder Puff, City Day, and then Color War day.

  Senior Jade Todd said her most memorable thing was the homecoming dance and the float building.

  Students dedicated the entire day on Friday to Homecoming. They spent the morning decorating and preparing for the parade down Main Street viewed by the community and students from elementary schools.

  “We all did it as a class and we all haven’t always gotten along, but we all seemed to try that day,” Todd said. Todd also said that this was one of the best Homecomings she has attended.

  Junior Arista Johnson attended everything and was even on the junior float.

 “I was very proud of the way we had the junior class come together,” Johnson said.

  Sophomore Alex Long’s favorite spirit week day was Powderpuff day because of everybody’s outfits. He also enjoyed the community involvement at the parade.

  “I had to march with band, but it was great seeing everybody in the community come together,” Long said.

  Freshman Billi Erwin also enjoyed the parade.

  “The parade was good, but I especially liked it when I got to see all of the little kids’ reactions when the floats went by,” said Erwin.

 Student Council sponsor Jenny Greene said that everything went very well even though the day was pretty hectic.

  “The parade was the best part of the day, because I loved how everybody came together that day and got involved with each other,” said Greene.

  Homecoming was a competitive event for the classes, earning points for spirit week participation, float building, assembly games, loudest class and attendance. In a close call, seniors ended up taking the win after a tie with the junior class. Seniors won the tiebreaker for having the most class members at the Homecoming game.

  Senior Wesley Carr’s last homecoming was a very emotional and memorable time.

   “I enjoyed the memories we made that night,” Carr said.


   Carr also wanted to make sure that band was recognized and he said “marching band did a phenomenal job.” Carr enjoyed watching the band performance during the pregame show.