Seniors enjoy last week out of school


Ally Estes, Staff Writer

  Graduating students finally had the opportunity to spend a whole week off preparing for senior traditions as well as their new life out of high school. During their last week, Seniors participated in a Senior Walk, a Baccalaureate, an awards ceremony, a group picture, community day, and a Senior BBQ. These graduating students share how they spent their last week with each other.

  “Senior week is basically just a week to prepare us for graduation,” senior Shyla Estes said. “It gives us one more chance to bond with our classmates.”

  Seniors took their last finals on Friday, May 13, their last day of classes.

  “In my opinion, we’ve gone to school for about twelve years, and it’s about time we got a break,” senior Mary Porter said.

  The first event that took place was the Senior Walk. Graduating students visited the local elementary schools and walked down the halls in their graduation attire. This is the first year that this tradition has been adopted by the Warsaw High school graduating class.

  “I think the senior walk reminds you of how much you’ve grown and matured,” senior Maddy McMillin said, “It also shows elementary students that it’s not just a dream to graduate, and it comes sooner than expected.”

  “I think the reason for the senior walk is to show all of the younger elementary students that we were once their age, doing everything they did. And now we are here, growing up and graduating,” Estes said. “It gives them something to look up to.”

  The next planned event was Baccalaureate, which is a traditional religious event that offers a quieter, more intimate ceremony that lets seniors reflect on this rite of passage. A sermon was given by local pastors, as well as speeches presented by assistant principal Billy Daleske and middle school history teacher Steve Larson.

  “Baccalaureate is a chance for the community to celebrate our seniors and to give them a blessing as they enter life after high school,” said senior class sponsor Bethany Siegel.

  Baccalaureate then led into the awards ceremony, where seniors received letters, medals, departmental awards, cords, and scholarships.

 Seniors gathered at Drake Harbor to take a class picture, and also participated in a community service project and and had a senior BBQ on Tuesday, May 17.

  “Cherish the moments because they turn into memories faster than expected,” McMillin said.