Graduates wear traditional attire for rite of passage

Brenna Smith , Staff Writer

Graduation Robes: Graduation robes have been used for Academic ceremonies since around the 12th century, when universities were beginning to form. The type of robe that they used depends on the climate. They were originally used to keep graduates warm and looking professional. (


Mortarboards: A mortarboard also known as the graduation cap has been used in academic ceremonies for centuries, the style remained accepted and popular throughout most schools. The mortarboards got its name from the flat board used by bricklayers to hold mortar.


Honor Medals: There are three types of Honor medals awarded to seniors at graduation. Cum Laude meaning “With Praise”. The second metal is Magne Cum Laude meaning “With Great Praise”. The third medal is the Summa Cum Laude meaning “With Highest Praise”. The medals are to indicate the level of honor a graduate earned. Additional medals are awarded to the valedictorian and salutatorian. (


Cords: An honor cord is two ropes twisted together with a tassel awarded to seniors in honor societies. Different colors mean different things. The A+ cord is green and black. Student Council cords are maroon, and Student Body is maroon and white. Quill and Scroll cords are gold and blue for high school journalists. National Honor Society cords are gold. FFA cords are gold and blue.  


NHS Collars: In addition to cords, National Honor Society members will wear white collars to indicate their membership in this esteemed society.