Love of history does not go unnoticed for senior


Deanna Garroutte

Senior Justin Jachetta-Whitmire shows love to the head of his founding father. Jachetta-Whitmire was the top history student of the senior class.

Deanna Garroutte, Staff Writer

Senior Justin  Jachetta-Whitmire’s inclination toward history started early in his life.

  “My dad liked history and I enjoy it because he liked it. I enjoy history and I know a lot about it,” Jachetta-Whitmire said.

  This year Justin Jachetta-Whitmire was chosen as the top history student of the senior class. He feels very honored to have earned this award.   

  “I’m very appreciative for being noticed,”Jachetta-Whitmire said.

Jachetta-Whitmire took American History, World History, Civil War history, and  is now taking government. His favorite part of his government class is the amount of interesting information he learns.

   History teacher Derald Henderson nominated Jachetta-Whitmire because he is an honest, hardworking, self motivated student who completes his job when needed and he stays on task.

  “Justin asks questions at times and brings up different points of discussion. He usually turns in very high quality work,”  Henderson said.

  Other students in Jachetta-Whitmire’s class have also recognized how much he enjoys the subject.

  “He gets all of his work done and generally knows what’s going on. He has a good work ethic and he’s determined,” history classmate junior Maddie Grobe said.

  Henderson thinks Jachetta-Whitmire could go into the criminal justice field or a political science if it interested him, but Jachetta-Whitmire plans to go into the career field of construction management. He says in this field he will still use the knowledge from his social studies classes.

“It will help me when I go to run my own business because you have to know about economics,” Jachetta Whitmire said.

  When asked what was the most important thing he has learned throughout his years of high school history classes, Jachetta-Whitmire said “if you don’t learn from history you’re probably gonna repeat it.”