Class of 2016 remembers three departed students

Autumn Rhea, Staff Writer

 As they receive their diplomas on Friday, the Class of 2016 will remember three classmates who will not be there to celebrate. The class has lost three classmates since their freshman year of high school.

  Keely Haynes passed away her freshman year in  2013 at age 15, Chad Treece passed away his sophomore year in 2013 at age 15, and most recently, Jordon Powers passed away in September of his senior year, at age 17. All three students will be remembered at the graduation ceremony.

   On April 17, 2013 Keely Haynes passed away from her long battle of cancer. Haynes was 15 years old and was about to finish her freshman year of high school. Haynes is survived by her parents Tracy and Randy Haynes, her two brothers, Joshua and Justin Haynes, and her sister, Ashley Paasch.

 “Keely was always happy, and bubbly.” senior Cierra Drake said.  “I’ll miss her during graduation.”

  Friends and family would do many things to show their support for Keely. Such as wearing t-shirts or bracelets that read, “Peace, Love and Keely.” on them. Supporters also held a duct tape dance in 2013 with Haynes herself present.

 Chad Treece passed away at age 15 on October 21, 2013, after his battle with cancer. He is survived by his parents, Lance Treece and Lisa Duckworth Belsha. Chad had two brothers Cody Treece and Floyd Sperry, and two sisters, Ashley Treece, and Cara Belsha. Friends and family wore bracelets and t-shirts  that read, “Cowboy up for Chad.”

  “He could always make you laugh,” senior Megan Barnett said.

  “Graduation will be sad without him, he will be missed,” senior Katie Lee said.

  Senior Jordon Powers was in an automobile accident with senior Mason Flippin.  Flippin suffered multiple injuries and Powers died as a result of the Sept 17 crash.  He was the son of, Steve and Leanna Powers.

 “Jordon was special, but in a good way,” freshman Kimberly Adams said. “I miss his hugs.”

 Powers is survived by his parents, his three sisters, Jazlynn Whiteside, Krystal Reed, and Stephanie Powers. Powers also had a brother, Mason Anderson. Powers is missed, and so is his personality.

  Senior class sponsor Bethany Siegel, said the class is planning to honor the three students at graduation.