Teens make the most of date night on a budget

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

Dating in high school can be fun, but it also comes with costs, just as it would with adults. This is no feature overcome by the students who are wanting to spend date night out of the house.

  This shows in a recent survey of 119 students. Thirty-eight of those 119 never go on dates. Of the remaining 81 students, 51.9 percent spend an average of  $20-$40 on their dates, 24.7 percent spend between $40 and $80, followed by 14.8 percent spending under $20.

  Junior Tommy Reffett and senior Taylor Goetz spend an average of $20 on their nights out. Senior Haylee Pals and junior Wesley Carr usually spend between $20-$40, usually on a movie. Junior Corey Nahrstedt and sophomore Aerielle Cecil havel a minimum budget of $20 and a maximum budget of $40.

  Reffett and Goetz go out regularly, more than once a week, usually to McDonald’s or a movie in Sedalia. Pals and Carr go out on a date about once a month and so does junior Anthony Beuke and senior Melissa Scrivener. Nahrstedt and Cecil date anywhere from a few times each month to about once every other week.

  In a poll sent out to students, the most popular dating activity was going out to dinner, followed by going to the movies, and hanging out at home. Other activities included in the survey were picnics at the park, boating, going to a game, rollerblading, bowling, hiking, mini golf, fishing, skating, and shopping.

  Students typically have a 30-45 minute drive to go to places. Most stick around in Warsaw or go to Clinton or Sedalia. Students are making the most out of the limited amount of things offered, though.

  Each couple has something they would like to try.

  Reffet and Goetz would like to go on bigger date trips to places such as Silver Dollar City and Sky Zone. Pals and Carr would like to try is having a picnic at the harbor.

  Nahrstedt and Cecil would like to try to play some laser tag in Camdenton, along with bumper cars and some mini golf. They would also like to try skydiving.

    Other date ideas within the teen budget include taking a day and going to the zoo, making a private movie theatre by taking a laptop or portable DVD player and setting it up in a car in  a driveway, and a 50/50 date where one person takes the first part of the day to plan out and the other person takes the second part of the day to plan out.  

  “Everything we’ve done has been fun,” Scrivener said.

  Scrivener and Beuke would like to try a date at Sky Zone because they know it will be fun.

  Other, teen budget-friendly, date ideas include going for a bike ride, watching the sunset, and having movie parties with other couples.

  Goetz recommends going on double dates.

  “It’s more fun and you don’t need to just deal with your own date,” Goetz said.

  According to match.com double dating can help relationships. It allows someone to see their partner from someone else’s perspective, people tend to dress up more, and can break up the usual date-night routine.

   Carr has some advice for first dates.

  “Don’t let the lady pay,” Carr said, “and make sure you treat the lady right.”                                                                                                    Image-2-For-Web Image-3-For-Web Image-4-For-Web Graph-1-For-Web