Complete J-Day awards list

Ally Estes, Staff Writer

The Wildcat Online

Online overall- All Missouri

Ashton Adams-Online Sports Package Featured Players: Athletes stand out in their sports– Excellent

Ashton Adams- Online Blog A New Social Era- Superior

Ally Estes- Online Breaking News Package School improves standardized test scores in three areas– Honorable Mention

Brenna Smith- Online Feature Package High School Hero: Junior eager to step up and serve– superior

Makayla Mais- Online Sports Package Basketball team gains excitement with new coach – Excellent

Makayla Mais- Online Editorial Extracurricular activities important for future success- Superior

Deanna Garroutte- Online Feature Package Students perfect popular moves for school dances- Excellent


The Wildcat

Newspaper overall- Superior

Ashton Adams- Newspaper Column Writing Think about your future before you post- All-Missouri

Alexis Riga- Newspaper Editorial Improving Attendance Will Improve School Achievement- Honorable Mention

Mykal Albers- Newspaper News Story School mourns loss of senior- Superior



Ashton Adams- Academic Photo Squirrel- Honorable Mention

Alexis Smith- Student Life/Organization Photo Buzzer- Honorable Mention

Alexis Smith- Student Life/Organization Photo Chow Down– Superior

Alexis Smith- Student Life/Organization Photo Hungry Hippo– Honorable Mention

Drew Dawson- Student Life Wildcat Nation- Honorable Mention

Deanna Garroutte- Student Life Tug of War- Excellent

Deanna Garroutte- Student Life Scream- Superior

Mykal Albers-Sports Feature Photo Sidelined– Honorable Mention

Mericia Wilbanks- Student Life Pie in the Face- All-Missouri

Bridget Clarke- Cell/Smart Phone Delivery-  Excellent

Thane Henderson- Academic Grading- Excellent

Austin McCall- Student Life Attention- Excellent

Austin McCall- Student Life Twirl- Honorable Mention

Dracie Davidson- Student Life Goal Post– Excellent

Dracie Davidson- Student Life Bubble Bath- Excellent

Dracie Davidson- Student Life Boots- Honorable Mention


Ozark Echoes

Yearbook overall- Excellent

Marissa Brown- Theme/Concept These Small Hours– Excellent

Mericia Wilbanks- Sports Design Valuable Lessons- Superior

Garrett Smith- Sports Design Small Team Big Experience- Superior

Melissa Parker- Academic Writing A Break from the Books- Honorable Mention

Raven Caswell- Sports Design Pass Them Don’t Pace Them- Excellent

Austin McCall- Sports Design Rising to the Challenge- Excellent