Social media overload = bored users


  With social media being around for about 19 years, many people have started to report that social media is becoming boring. It’s not a big surprise that it’s becoming boring though. If you are a part of the social media world that believes social media isn’t the same as it used to be and that it’s becoming not as fun, you aren’t the only one.  Just because everybody is on social media, it doesn’t mean they are loving it. Social media has become more of a routine than a fun enjoyable thing to do. Many people have reported that social media isn’t the same as it used to be. It has become more of a hassle and an annoyance than anything.

  The reason I think social media isn’t the same is because people use it in a different way than they used to. Before, people would use social media only to show their friends exciting new things going on in their life. Now they use it to document their entire life, posting anything from doing laundry to the posts that say “like for a tbh” (also known as to be honest). Then there are the people who post hundreds of pictures of their animals, people who post their moods all the time, people that post tons of selfies everyday, and many more people that post unnecessary things. Not only me, but other people are also stating that they do not think social media is the same anymore and that it’s becoming more and more annoying every day.

  Social media is becoming boring for the fact that social media sites and apps are being overloaded with content and pointless comments and information.

 “With more than 1 billion tweets sent every 48 hours, it’s no wonder users are suffering from content overload.” (  A survey from YouGov research shows that 41 percent of the British online population claimed to be getting bored with social media and say they will use it less.

  Because many people are getting overwhelmed and annoyed by social media they have started taking breaks from social media. These people taking breaks have reported that they took a break from social media because “I was tired of stupid comments,” “I had crazy friends. I did not want to be contacted,” “TOO MUCH DRAMA,” and “It caused problems with my relationships” according to a survey proposed by

  Social media can be a very good place, but that depends on how the users of the popular sites are using the website. According to “Getting bored of social media? You’re not alone” by, there are 100,000 posted videos about doing the laundry, 44,100 posts on nose-picking, and many trending topics such as #DogsEatingIceCream, #PetSnakesonLeashes, and #TheMostDisturbingTattoosEver. Now that is just ridiculous. That just shows why people are getting annoyed with social media. Most people don’t care about that stuff, and there are thousands of posts about it. Getting bored of social media? You’re not alone states that each day the average social network user receives 285 pieces of content, including 54,000 words and 443 minutes of video. Don’t you think that would get annoying pretty fast? Many people agree and that’s why social media is becoming less popular.

  I think the solution to this is to take a break from social media for a few months, and I think summer is the perfect time to do that. Taking a break from social media would be good for people because it would give them the opportunity to reconnect with family and friends on a face to face basis. A social media detox could make people happier and it could also bring back the good ‘ol times from before all the social media took over the world.