Musicians earn 40 top ratings at music contest

Kaylee Moody, Staff Writer

  Vocalists and instrumentalists in various groups and solos gathered top 1-ratings at Tri-County music contest on March 5 at School of the Osage.   

  Tri-Country is a conference that is composed of eight schools: Warsaw, School of The Osage, Eldon, California, Versailles, Hallsville, Blair Oaks  and Southern Boone.  This was the first contest of the year, with District contest scheduled for April 2.

  Warsaw Band, Wildcat singers, Ladies Glee, Men’s Glee, and Madrigal Chamber Singers all received “1” ratings. Men’s 6, Branson SAB, Lydia’s SAB, Lane’s SAB, Ladies 6, Maddy’s 6, Grobe’s SSA, and Stantorf’s SSA were eight ensembles that also received  “1” ratings. The following soloists received a “1” rating as well as, Lydia Schockmann, Rickie Branson, Maddy McMillin, Conner Wood, Blake Brodersen, Haven Johnson, Ashlyn Yoder, Brenden Dockery, David Derks, Nate Fauquier, Madi Rozzel, and Kolby Estes.

  “The vocalist have worked very hard, they take doing a good job very seriously and look forward to performing and then receiving feedback from the judges so that they can prepare for District contest on April 2. Mrs. Schockmann is an amazing accompanist.  We are also fortunate to have Kate Johnson play the trumpet during our first Mixed Choir piece, and All-State Band flautist Claudia Schmitz play on the second piece,” director Charlene Million said.

  The band received a “1” rating for their large ensemble performance, and they were the only non-auditioned band to receive a “1” rating throughout the day. The following small ensembles received “1” ratings: Saxophone Quartet – Lydia Schockmann, Mackenzie Bauer, Austin Reynolds, and Wesley Carr. Trombone Trio – Nathan Townley, Andrew Savage, and Chris Bozarth. Brass Quintet – Casey Keith, Melissa Scrivener, Corey Nahrstedt, Nathan Townley, and Chris Bozarth. The following soloists received “1” ratings: Taylor Goetz – clarinet, Aidan Graham – timpani, Owen Howard – snare drum, Austin Reynolds – tenor saxophone, Autumn Long – flute , Melissa Scrivener – oboe, Allison Thomas – alto saxophone, Casey Keith – trumpet, Nathan Townley – euphonium, Corey Nahrstedt – trumpet, Kaitlin Foster – trumpet, Claudia Schmitz – piano and flute, and Erika Huffman – bass clarinet.

  “Various instrumentalist also received a “2” rating which indicates an ‘Outstanding’ performance,” Band Teacher Ben Johnson said.

  Some performers agreed that they had to work through their nerves to perform.

 Junior vocalist Haven Johnson said she was concerned that next time she should could do better with not being so nervous on her solo.

  Her favorite moment was when the judge told her everything they loved about her voice, she said it was a big relief.

  “My least favorite moment was when I forgot some words to my solo, I was very embarrassed,” Johnson said.

  Sophomore instrumentalist Casey Keith said her favorite part was when she was shaking from all the nerves but was comforted by her  boyfriend and Dr. Pepper.

  “I feel like I could have been less nervous. I could have done better if I wasn’t nervous,” Keith said.