Students, faculty stress importance of early college applications

Makayla Mais, Editor-In-Chief

  For most during their senior year, college and scholarship applications become strenuous and add to the anxiety of getting into the college of their dreams. Now that second semester has started, seniors have started buckling down on their applications.

  Seniors Payton Adair and Kaitlyn Laue have already finished their application processes. Senior Thane Henderson still is continuing to apply to colleges. Adair plans to attend the University of Missouri Kansas City with a major in biology and a minor in chemistry. Henderson plans to attend a two-year university and transfer to the University of Missouri Columbia to pursue a career in plant science. Laue plans to attend Central Methodist University to pursue a career in nursing.

  Through their application process, Adair, Henderson and Laue found advice that they can give to others that will soon begin their application process.

  “The advice I’d give is don’t wait until last minute to apply, I was granted a huge scholarship from UMKC because I applied so early,” Adair said. “They say that home is where the heart is, and my heart has always been in Kansas City.”

  “Make yourself seem like the best person even if you aren’t,” Henderson said. “It depends on certain requirements for the application, but make it professional and appropriate.”

  Laue said that applying was not difficult because “I had an idea of what I wanted and did lots of research on the schools for my major.”

  “I advise that others who are applying or plan to apply, fully research if that college they are applying to is the best fit for them and for their major,” Laue said.

  School counselor Laura Cooke advises seniors who haven’t yet applied for college scholarships to as many college scholarships as they can.

  “Apply for everything you are eligible for. If you don’t need a specific scholarship for your major, don’t apply for it. Watch the criteria and don’t wait until deadline. If you wait until deadline, your work will not be as good as if you took your time. Save your essays because most colleges ask for the same thing. A lot of scholarships depend on demographics,” Cooke said. “There’s so many local scholarships. Generally, the deadline is is April, some are in May. It is very critical to watch deadlines.”

  With the cost of college tuition rising, students try to apply for as many scholarships as possible to keep the cost as low as they can. According to Colleges in Missouri State by College Tuition Compare, the average cost for in-state students is $7,291 and for out-of-state students, the total rises to $19,732.

   Adair has applied for the Burke scholarship, the Elks Lodge scholarship, the CMH scholarship, and the MUSIC scholarship.

  Laue has applied for the Methodist Endowment scholarship, Dollars for Scholars scholarship, Diabetic Foundation Endowment scholarship, and plans on applying formore.

  “It has made me aware of the cost of college and has made me more aware of all the different things you can get scholarships for,” Laue said.

   Henderson has applied for the Benton County Cattlemen’s Association scholarship, the Missouri Corn Producers scholarship, the Central Missouri Agriculture Club scholarship, the Select Sires Mid-America scholarship, and the Lincoln Hunting Club scholarship.

  “All of the scholarships I’ve applied for are an awesome way to help me get money to attend and pay for college expenses,” Henderson said.