Students prepare for the upcoming semi formal March 12

Jordan Plybon, Staff Writer

  Its that time of year again when school dances become the talk of the hallways. Students are trying to find the perfect outfits and dates for this year’s semi-formal Echoes Ball.

 Echoes will be held on Saturday, March 12 starting from 8 to 11 p.m. The theme this year is “The Time of our Lives.” The theme was chosen because it goes really well with the yearbook.

  The decor will be clocks and numerals in the color of rose gold, silver white and black as an accent color. A DJ from Quality Audio was hired to play at the dance. Tickets to the dance cost $8 in advance and $10 at the door. If students bought a yearbook the ticket will only be $4 in advance. At the dance, there will also be a coronation of the Echoes queen, king, prince and princess at 9 p.m.

     Students attend the dance for different reasons. Some students attend to hang out with friends, because they were asked by someone, or just because they like dances.

  “I’m going to the dance because I’m going with my friends and boyfriend,” freshman Helena Givens said.

   “I am going to Echoes because I have a hot date and I like to dance,” Fajen said.  “I look forward to the slow dances.”

  The Echoes Ball is one of the school’s longest-standing traditions – being held for more than 60 years.

  “We have an Echoes dance because it started as a yearbook fundraiser and has now become a school tradition,” senior yearbook editor Melissa Brown said.  “The yearbook staff is really looking forward to hosting this special night.”

  The dance is also a tradition for current WHS students.

  “I have gone to the dance all three years of high school and I am attending this year also,” Fajen said.

  Yearbook adviser Amanda Adler is proud to keep this tradition going strong.

 “School dances are a way for our students to make great high school memories,” Adler said.  “I think it’s nice that we have a semi formal dance other than prom for freshman and sophomores to attend since they can’t attend prom.”