Artist Corner: Senior shows improvement over the years


Alexis Smith

Senior Megan Barnett shows off her drawing of Marilyn Monroe. Barnett plans on going to college to become a teacher.

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer

Senior Megan Barnett has shown improvement in her art throughout the years.

  Barnett has been an art student since her freshman year in high school, but has loved it since she was in elementary school. She has improved mostly in painting by practicing a lot. She has done a variety of pieces, ranging from a drawing of Marilyn Monroe to painting ceiling tiles depicting Johnny Depp and “Guardians of the Galaxies.”

  Barnett first started to show her interest in art when she was in middle school.

  “I tried to take my time and make it look good,” Barnett said.

  Art teacher Jennifer Greene thinks Barnett has absolutely improved throughout the years. Greene thinks Barnett should not change anything she is doing.

  Greene’s favorite piece of Barnett’s work is her drawing of Marilyn Monroe. Barnett has done many magnificent pieces of work, and Greene recognizes this.

  “She does really good paintings and really great ceiling tiles,” Greene said.

  Barnett’s favorite pieces of all time are her paintings of Johnny Depp.

  “I really enjoy painting,” Barnett said. “It looks really pretty.”

  Painting is Barnett’s favorite medium.

  Barnett does not have an artist that she admires but does see art impacting her future.

  “I have a great imagination,” Barnett stated.

   Barnett is currently working on an elephant using melted crayons to add color. She would like to start working on a galaxy painting. She thinks it would be neat looking and it will be challenging to mix the colors together to get the right shades.

  Senior Amanda Pool likes Barnett’s art work, especially since Barnett does a lot of Johnny Depp.

  “She does a little bit of everything,” Pool said. “She’s trying different things all the time.”

  Pool thinks Barnett has definitely improved a lot.

  “I used to be better than her, but not anymore.” Pool said.

  Barnett plans on taking art classes in college and becoming a teacher.