Wrestlers improve as state nears

Mykal Albers, Photography Editor

  As the season goes on, wrestlers are gaining more experience and starting to know what to work on to be able to get to state.

  “To get to state it takes a lot of hard work and practice,” freshman Kieon Davis said. “Also our team has gotten a lot better since the beginning of the season.

Last year, high school graduates Marshal Wilson and Kyle Goodsell, senior Craig DeWitt, and sophomore Dallas Larsen went to state.

  Wrestlers say that going to practices every day and working hard has helped them get better.

  “I feel like the team has progressed a lot already this year. Every day we come to practice and work hard. Every now and then, we will have a few practices that aren’t the best, but other than that they are good,” freshman Kolby Estes said. “We have kids with great potential and we have great coaches that will push us to make us better.”

  Eating healthy and drinking the right things also helps keep wrestlers in shape.

  “To get to state it takes hard work, dedication, and the will to make sacrifices that will better you. If you eat and drink things that are not healthy, then that will make your body tired and you won’t perform to the level that you need to,” Estes said.

  Wrestlers keep gaining more experience as the season goes on.

  “The team had improved so much, the underclass men are really showing it,” senior Craig DeWitt said. “Also, to get to state, I think that it takes talent and strategy. I, personally, am working on the moves so that way in a match, I don’t have to think about what to do, it will just come naturally.”

  Coaches say that it takes a lot time and dedication to reach the wrestlers goals to get to state.

  “To get to state, it takes a lot of hard work. Coach Estes and I were working all summer with some kids to get better all year round.  It takes a lot of time and dedication to meet and exceed your goals,” head coach David Hawks said.

  Districts are what qualifies a wrestler to get to state, and districts are in Seneca on February 12 and 13.