Ready to Dance?

Students perfect popular moves for school dances


Johnathan Plybon and Wesley Carr perform the Whip.This was one of the most common reported dance moves amoung students

Deanna Garroutte, Staff Writer

  As students begin to prepare for the spring dance season, many will also prepare to show off their dance moves. Echoes Ball, the semiformal dance, is March 12 and the formal prom is April 23.

  “People learn how to do dances from music videos and vines,” freshman Savannah Goyette said.

   In the year 2015, the most popular dance move was the “Whip/Nae Nae” from Silento’s “Watch Me.” Many students would say this is the most common dance move at WHS school dances.

   “Most people aren’t very good at the Whip and the Nae Nae, but a lot of them do it anyway,” freshman Jesse Johnson said.

  “I don’t understand it.The Whip doesn’t look good, but it’s fun,” senior Madeline McMillin said.

   It may not be the most popular, but the “Dab” is what everyone is talking about. This dance is usually done right after another dance and the person performing it literally puts their head in the crook of their elbow while sticking their other arm out behind them.

  “The new hot one is the Dab,” junior Wesley Carr said.

  The infamous twerk, made popular by America’s own good girl gone bad, MIley Cyrus, has also been a popular among teens. Word has it, the actual dance move was stolen from a bird called the Sage Grouse. These birds didn’t just invent the move, but during mating season, the males actually have dance offs to impress females, according to

  “It kinda makes me angry because people think they can twerk better than me,” Carr said.

  “I think people twerk too often,” Johnson said.

  Another of the more popular dance moves among students is “Hit the Quan.” “Hit the Quan” became famous when musical artist Rich Homie Quan featured it in one of his music videos.This dance is said to be hard and requires skill. To do this dance the dancer must get low, sway his/her arms and move his/her middle section, according to musical artist MarQuis Trill.

 “I like to Hit the Quan, but I’m not very good at it ,” Johnson said.

  Not every student who attends a school dance will actually dance. At a school dance visitors will find those shy students standing on the sideline watching everyone else.

But why don’t these students bust out their moves?

  “I have to make people dance with me,’’ Johnson said.

  “Sometimes it’s embarrassing and it can get hot,” McMillin said, “but I think everyone should be able to express themselves.

“They don’t dance because it’s awkward,” Goyette said.

    When students are dancing and having fun at school dances they have to make the decision of what dance moves are appropriate and which moves are “distasteful.” Some of the more reported inappropriate dances among students is grinding and twerking.

  Senior Madeline McMillin said grinding was probably the worst inappropriate trend she sees at school dances, “but it has slowed down a lot through the years.”

  “You can’t break the school’s PDA code,” vice principal Billy Deleske said.

  “When it becomes groping instead of dancing, the line is drawn,” Principal Randy Luebbert said.