Fitness trackers used to achieve life goals


Kaylee Moody

Teacher Brian Hrabe shows off his fitness trainer while walking down the school hallway. Fitness trainers are quite popular as a health and fitness tool among teachers and students.

Kaylee Moody, Staff Writter

Fitness trackers have been a growing trend – even in the halls of WHS.

  These little bracelets have lots of technology behind them, they help keep track of steps taken, how far walked, how many calories have been burned, how many floors have been climbed and activity duration and intensity

  Teacher Brian Hrabe got his fitness tracker as a gift, it has not only helped him realize how much he really is active but also how much in shape it can keep him in.

  “I think it helps motivate me, especially during the summer,” Hrabe said.

  Things that Hrabe uses his fitness tracker for is manly tracking steps, but it can be used for so many different things, considering the type. Hrabe recommends this to whoever is interested in a fitness tracker.

  Junior athlete Makayla Mais uses a Fitbit Flex. It was a Christmas gift.

  “My parents and I like to make bets on who can get the most steps, so it kind of motivates us as a family to stay healthy and active,” Mais said.

  According to the Tech.Co article “Fitness Trackers and Wearable Tech: It’s Not Just For the Professionals,” Not only do high up professionals use fitness trackers, but now anyone who is interested can have one for themselves. What exactly do people use them for? “Active Americans are using precision trackers to assess their performance milestones such as speed, distance and strength and health stats like calories, weight loss and muscle mass. Not only is it just for people’s own satisfaction but now 40 percent are sharing these numbers and metrics on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat, and an impressive 90 percent of respondents expressed interest in a device that measures and overlays performance metrics onto shareable video highlights.” Fitness trackers started out small but are now moving fast in technology advancements.

  Sophomore Colter Hetherington has a Garmin Vivofit, and recommends people to have one. He got this fancy fitness tracker from Boy Scouts, during a competition about who had the most steps. Hetherington’s fitness tracker gives him a daily goal to reach, this also helps him stay in shape.

  Fitness trackers have become very popular, they are used everyday. Fitness trackers are great when trying to get in shape or stay in shape. Some can also act as an alarm and gently vibrates as an alarm clock would, or is used as a watch and just can be used for health purposes. Fitness trackers are pretty handy, especially when a daily goal can be reach.