Girls continue to strive for wins through tournaments


Ally Estes

Junior Mackenzie Bauer tries to shoot a shot between two Skyline Tigers. The girls lost this game December 11th.

Ryan Sprouse, Staff writer

   After the snowy holidays of great happiness and cheer, the girls basketball team has reset their mind to finish the rest of the season. Over the break the girls were involved in the Tri-County Tournament which was brand new this year. The week of January 10, they were involved in the 9th annual Skyline Girls Tournament. For the seniors of the team, these were their last tournaments until the District tournament in February.

 The girls entered the Tri-County  tournament as the 8th seed and the Skyline tournament as the 6th seed. During both tournaments the girls fought hard throughout the entire game. Coach Cody Morgan came to notice how well the girls continued to persevere throughout the games.

  “I am really impressed with the girls this year. The have continued to fight through the toughest times during games. They never give up. They are closer as a group than previous years and I’m proud to be their coach,” Morgan said.

  The girls ended up in the tournament placing 8th and 6th.

  Along with the tournaments the girls have been in through the 2015-2016 season, they are a lot closer in some of the girl’s eyes. Senior Kylie McRoberts has noticed the team is different this year than previous years.

  “We all have gotten closer since the beginning of the year. We’re more like sisters than just teammates since we all spend almost every day together at basketball,” McRoberts said.

  McRoberts is one of the two seniors on the team along with Raven Caswell.

  Sophomore Hannah Chapman has also noticed the difference in this year’s team.

  “The team is bonding well this season, I would say even more than last season. We act like family and treat each other like family we always will on and off the court, Chapman said.”

  Coach Morgan, impressed with their performance and bonding, still notices the improvements for the team to be the best they can be.

  “They need to improve on executing scoring and getting rebounds. Their half court defense is really good. I want them to be the best they can be,” Morgan said.

  The girl’s season is slowing winding down to the end with Districts during February. The team is focused on getting wins in the tournament for the seniors to finish up their high school basketball on a high.