Students show wide variety of music taste

Alexis Smith, Staff Writer


  The student body listens to a variety of songs and artists and the way they are listening to them is also changing.

  According to a poll of 61 students, rock is still the favorite genre, with pop, country and hip hop close behind. Rock was one of the favorite genres of 42 students with pop at 36 and country and hip hop tied at 28 students.

  Teens today primarily listen to music on popular music apps such as Pandora, iTunes Radio, PlayTube, Downloader Plus, Google Play, Frostwire, etc. These music apps mainly apply to downloading, streaming, and listening to music and music videos. According to a recent poll of 61 respondents, Pandora was the most popular music app with 37 out of the 61 students favoring the streaming app.

  The school has a variety of students with a variety of music tastes ranging from classical to rock. Sophomore Molly Baumhoff listens to basically anything but classic rock and Disney. Heavy metal is Baumhoff’s favorite.

  “I like the sound of it,” Baumhoff said. “It’s good music and the singers I listen to are really cool.”

   Baumhoff uses the music apps Spotify, YouTube, and Google Play.

  Freshman Allison Thomas listens mostly to a cappella music, but will listen to anything but heavy metal. A cappella is a non-instrumental type of music genre where music is made with voices.

  “You can hear all the parts in a cappella,” Thomas said. “Metal just gives me headaches.”

  Thomas listens to the band Pentatonix, which is an a cappella group that makes music with their voices. Thomas uses Spotify to listen to music. She buys music from Walmart, but will also download it.

  Junior Nathan Perry listens to anything and everything but country.

  There is a variety of apps available to students, but Perry does not use any. He does have some favorite songs and artists, which include: “California Love”- Tupac, “I’ll be home soon”- Famous Last Words, and “No Love”- Eminem.

  Senior Travis Gibson usually listens to Pandora, but if he wants a specific song he’ll use YouTube. Gibson listens to a variety of genres. His favorite songs are “Fashionably Late,” “Hero of War,” and “Monster.”

  Gibson feels older music is usually more centered around the beat behind it, where the music will be felt.

  “I feel like that’s where most of the music people listen to now developed from, music you can dance to,” Gibson said.

  “I feel like music isn’t just for having fun or dancing anymore, music is a cure for the soul,” Gibson said.

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