Students ponder ways to spend free time during holiday break

After the excitement of Christmas break wears off, some students find themselves with too much time and nothing to do. There are many different suggestions about how to cure the boredom, and some of the most popular ones from students are playing games, spending time with family, and playing in the snow if the weather allows it.

  Some students just avoid getting bored by keeping themselves busy, like junior Noah Long.

  “I could go outside, play games, spend time with my family, play in the snow, or work outside, so I don’t really see any reason to get  bored over Christmas break,” Long said.

  Christmas break can also be a good time to be with family. Most people get Christmas off, or at least some part of break off and spending time with family can be a good way to fight boredom.

  “Sometimes we forget to spend time with family, and the holidays give us the chance to do that. Playing games or even just talking to my family is usually fun,” freshman Ren Rozzel said.

  Rozzel also made the point that most people think that Christmas is all about the gifts, when in reality some people don’t get many gifts and spending time with family can be just as special.

  The weather can also affect what students do over the break.

 “My favorite things to do over break are sledding, snowball fights, or just going outside in the  snow,” said freshman Shawn Coffey.