High School Hero: Ashlyn Yoder

Junior eager to step up and serve


Deanna Garroutte

Junior Ashlyn Yoder performs for Showstoppers. Yoder sang “Colors of the Wind” from the Disney movie, Pocahontas.

“She is always willing to help all of the time and and put others before herself,” junior Erica Flores said about one of her classmates and friends.

  Junior Ashlyn Yoder is what some would call a High School Hero. Yoder is involved in Madrigal, FFA, NHS, Student Council, A+, English Club, Pep Club, and Prom Committee.

  “She is involved with many things that have service opportunities,” said English teacher Tricia Foster, “and is always willing to help if needed.” Foster was one of the teachers to nominate Yoder for High School hero.

  “When I help someone I like to think I make a good impression on their day, even if it is just holding the door,” said Yoder.

  “I see her after ball games picking up trash in the student section of the bleachers, I want to thank her for always doing a little extra to make Warsaw a better place,”  assistant principal Billy Daleske said. Daleske was another faculty member to nominate Yoder.

  “I don’t have one hero, there are many people in my life that influence who I am. Everyone I meet teaches me something about life and understanding others whether it be what not to do or encouraging me to strive on,“ Yoder said.

  Yoder believes that anybody with seniority is a role model, some are just better at it than others.

  “I don’t think I’m really a hero, I just try to be myself and do the right thing,” Yoder said.