Student Council prepares for Christmas assembly

Students will get the chance to win a 32-inch television or a PlayStation 3 at Friday’s holiday assembly as they celebrate the end of the semester. Games, giveaways and a Mr. Christmas contest will be the highlights of the  assembly, Dec. 18, during the last hour of the day.

“This assembly is all about getting the students excited for activities during school and, not only that, but to also give a little extra something to the school at the end of semester,” student council sponsor Jennifer Greene said.

Greene is helping put all of this together along with the student council. The Christmas assembly has been a tradition to the school for a long time. Last year the assembly included a prince and king pageant.

“It was worth seeing guys in bikinis and dresses to get out of class,” senior Jesse Stantorf said sarcastically.

The assembly gives extra incentive for students to stay past their last final. The giveaway will be available for everyone who attends school that day. Gifts that are being given away are items like candy, a 32-inch television, blankets, and sports memorabilia. There will also be a bigger gift drawing for students with 90 percent attendance and all As and Bs. This will give those people a chance at a Playstation 3.    

The assembly will once-again feature a Mr. Christmas contest.  This year, the prince candidates will be juniors Hunter Bagley, Noah Long and Frank McMillin. The king candidates  will consist of seniors Carter Phillips, Craig DeWitt and John Hargrave. The candidates will have to have certain categories they will be judged for, such as swim wear, ugly sweater, and evening wear. Also, a series of questions will be asked to the participants. There will also be games being played.  

Senior Student Council president Austin McCall is one of many people that are a big help of making this Christmas Assembly possible.

“We do the assembly so everybody can gets into the holiday spirit, and to keep the tradition going. It’s a lot of fun,” McCall said.

Sometime during the assembly drumline will be playing for entertainment. Seniors Rickie Branson and Keyona Davis will also be singing some joyful Christmas music.