Students remember their best and worst gifts

Destiny Lee, Staff Writer

   From being disappointed by a pink, fluffy skirt to the pure excitement of finding a bike under the tree, Christmas gifts hold many memories, good and bad, for students.

      “I love Christmas, I mean, who doesn’t? It brings families together,” junior Dillon Glaab said.  

      There were students who had gotten really special and important gifts on Christmas.

     “The best gift I’ve ever gotten was a bike. They (my family) said we didn’t have enough money to have Christmas, so I woke up, and there was a bike. I didn’t know how to ride it, but still,” said Glaab.

     There are others who had important gifts on Christmas as well that they really enjoyed.

     “My best gift was an Xbox 360, because I’ve never had one, so I really enjoyed it,” sophomore Tristin Good said.

      Students mentioned what makes a present great to receive on Christmas.

      “What makes a great present is the thought put into it,” said Glaab.

     However, there were some who received gifts on Christmas that they didn’t enjoy.

      “The worst gift I had ever gotten was a pink and purple fluffy skirt. I really hate colorful and most happy things,” sophomore Angel Young said.

     Some other students had some not-so-great memories involving gifts on Christmas.

      “The worst gift when I was little had to have been clothes. What little kid wants clothes on Christmas?” Glaab said.

     Students have their ideas on what made their worst gifts so terrible for them.

     “A terrible present would be if the thing you got them didn’t fit their style,” said Young.