Powderpuff participation increased

Alexis Riga , Web editor

  Increased participation at the Powderpuff football game resulted in more money raised for the multimedia class.

  On Tuesday, Nov. 10, girls geared up for the annual flag football event.

  “In the past eight years, the ticket prices have stayed the same and the grand total made this year was $1,038. We usually raised between $600-$750,” multimedia sponsor Kimberly Pate said.

  In addition to a significant amount of money being raised, the girls who played during the game enjoyed the experience. The senior/sophomore team won the game 30-0 over the junior/freshman team.

  “It was really fun! We bonded before the game by making our shirts together and I think that’s one of the main reasons why we did so well and had fun playing as a team,” senior Keyona Davis said.

  “It was a lot of fun and definitely the best year for it yet because we dominated,” senior Kaitlyn Laue said.

Juniors  Ashlyn Yoder and Erica Flores were captains for the freshman and junior group, and seniors Kaitlyn Reed and Maddy McMillin were captains for the senior and sophomore group.

  “The captains really got their teams together and got them to work together. I had never seen them work together like that before. Our senior captains did a lot of work too,” Pate said.

  “I liked being a captain because I was able to know exactly what’s going on and I got to keep everyone on the same page and on track, I also enjoyed getting everyone together to make our shirts,” senior Kaitlyn Reed said.

  “Being a captain was really fun. We had one organized practice and we had some girls get together to make our shirts. Afterwards we had a bonfire, which was fun because it helped us bond with the freshman group,” junior Erica Flores said.

In addition to the teamwork that was put into the game, the senior and sophomore team won and ended the game with a score of 38-0.