Courageous students step into the spotlight


Sophmores Maddie Rozzel and Cora Rodgers stand proudly with thier microphones.This duet sang “Listen” from Dreamgirls. Photo by Deanna Garroutte

Every year the choirs and a few brave soloists come together to show off their musical talent at Showstoppers.

   “More people should do it. if you love music, do what you love,” junior Haleigh Kennedy said.

   “I was so nervous that I was shaking,” senior Raniece Dewitt said.

  After preparing since the end of September for the big performance on Friday Nov.3 , the choirs sang classic songs like “I Believe I Can Fly” by R Kelly, “ Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen, and “I’ve Got The Music In Me” by Kiki Dee. They also sang more modern songs like “Team” by Lorde and “Gone,Gone,Gone” by Phillip Phillips.

  “I like it when we do the more modern songs because I feel like they are more challenging and the notes are in a more difficult placement,” sophomore Nate Fauquier said.

  “My favorite song was “We are Family” because it was easy to get into and have fun with,” senior Jazmine Holbert said.

  At this event, there was  an all girl group singing “These Boots Were Made for Walking” directed by Jazmine Holbert. Not only were they prepared with the moves Holbert came up with herself, but they also impressed the audience with their dress. Every girl on the stage was wearing a neon shirt, jeans and boots. Holbert explained that vocal music director Charlene Million asked her to direct the group and ¨you never say no to Mrs. Million.¨

 ¨It was interesting watching all of the sass in the girls,” Holbert said.

¨Well they did a sassy song, the girls enjoyed it, and Holbert made great moves,¨ Million said.

  Every student in the choir had the chance to audition to be a soloist for Showstoppers. For some students, music is more to them than just a pastime; for others, it has just became a tradition. Typically if a student solos one year, they will the next. For others it might take a little longer to get up there on stage.

 “Singing is my life, it’s all I do,” junior Haleigh Kennedy said. Kennedy sang “When you say nothing at all” originally done by  Alison Krauss.

  “I did it last year and I felt a lot better about it this year,” senior Dewitt said.Dewitt sang “You are not alone” by Michael Jackson.

Students that enjoyed the experience would recommend that others  give it a try.

  “I feel like more people should get involved,” Dewitt said. “It helps them get over stage fright.”

  “It’s nerve wracking, but it’s a way to show who you are,” Kennedy said

  “It went well, I thought everyone did the best they had ever done,” Million said.