Old traditions continue to highlight fall celebrations

—–‘Everyone has their favorite Halloween tradition, but most people don’t know how those traditions started.

  “I love making jack-o’-lanterns around Halloween, but I have no idea how that got started,” freshman Taylor Bunch said.  

  According to history.com, Halloween started as a Celtic holiday to mark when the harvest ended and was believed to be a bridge to the world of the dead, but it has morphed into a day for people to dress up and get candy.

  According to the website, jack-o’-lanterns actually originated in Ireland, and started off as people carving turnips to ward off evil spirits. The tradition was later brought back to America.

 The website says that although the popular tradition of bobbing for apples is usually practiced at Halloween parties, it was originally a British courting gesture for young women. They would try to grab the apple with the name of their lover, and if they got it on the first try, then it was considered true love. In the 1900s some people decided it would be fun for children and adults at fall events.  

  “My favorite thing about Halloween is getting candy,” senior Trever Surrell said.

  Trick-or-treating is another tradition that originated in England. On Halloween, the poor citizens would go to the houses of the wealthy and receive pastries. They would sing, read a poem, or perform some other kind of trick, which is how the tradition got its name. It was later carried on to the U.S. along with the holiday itself, according to history.com.