Students find Halloween fun

Ally Estes, Staff Writer

Whether it’s getting lost in a corn maze or getting spooked in a haunted house, teens know how to have fun on Halloween. Locally, the people of Warsaw are offered all kinds of fun-filled activities, but some students prefer to travel on this holiday.

  “I’m going to the Worlds of Fun Halloween Haunt,” freshman Maddie Gardner said. “There are theme parks with roller coasters and haunted houses, but there’s also people in costumes that walk around and chase you. It’s awful, but it’s fun at the same time.”

 And of course, it’s never fun to visit a haunted theme park during broad daylight.

   “It happens after eight o’clock every day in the month of October,” Gardner said.

  Despite the holiday, some people don’t get much of a choice of where to spend Halloween.

 “This year I plan to celebrate Halloween by probably working.  #Sonic! If I don’t work, then I’ll go hang out with some friends,” senior Shyla Estes said. “In the past, I would always dress up as a ballerina. Never wanted to be anything else. Now I’m either passing out candy instead of receiving or am working!”  

   “I’m going to the speech tournament for Halloween,” English teacher Nathan Hopkins said. Although he says he won’t be dressing up, he does say that the kids in speech always know how to make it interesting.

  “The fun thing about a speech tournament on Halloween is that you’re with a bunch of speech kids that are acting out and trying to scare each other all day long,” Hopkins said.

  On the other hand, some people plan to have a more traditional, laid back Halloween night.

  “This Halloween, I’m going to my boyfriend’s house, carving pumpkins, and watching movies,” senior Taylor Goetz said. “And I’m dressing as ‘Lola’ from Hannah Montana.

  Another person who doesn’t mind keeping up with the costume tradition is sophomore Aidan Graham.

  “This year I’m trick-or-treating in town with my dogs as a dog trainer,” Graham said. “When I was a kid, I always went in cheap costumes, like the ones from Walmart, but this year I actually have a pretty creative costume.”

  “One time my sisters dressed me up as a girl. I had no stay in it and I had to wear heels. They drug me out of the house and made me go trick-or-treating. I had some fun, but at the same time I didn’t,” sophomore Frank McMillin said. “This year I’m going as a football player.”

  Many teens don’t see an age limit on the traditional trick-or-treating.

  “I’m trick-or-treating, even though I basically look like a grown man. I was going to go as a Taco, but I don’t know. I might be ‘Super Saiyan’ from Dragon Ball Z,” junior Wesley Carr said. “I like to try and make my voice as deep as possible when I say trick-or-treat, to try and freak them out. People still give me candy, too, so I’ll probably go again next year.” Carr said.