Hunters begin quest for another season

Autumn Rhea, Staff Writer

  As the leaves change color, the weather gets cooler, and Fall kicks into gear, some students climb into their camo and up a tree in quest of a trophy.

  Hunting season is here.

  Hunting is a tradition, sport, and lifestyle wrapped all into one activity.

  “Hunting is fun, and it gives me something to do,” said freshman Kolby Estes. “I like feeling accomplished.” said Estes.

   Warsaw is a very popular place for hunting, with it’s wildlife creatures, and scenic views. However, some students leave the area for hunting.

  “I like going up north, it’s where we always go and I have family up there,” said junior Bailey Sharp. “My whole family goes hunting, it’s like a passion of mine,” said Sharp.  

Hunting, although, is a sport;  for those who ever feel like, sitting, waiting, and enjoying the outdoors, hunting is the thing to do.

  Deer Season is approaching soon and everyone is getting prepared for another year of early mornings, and deer meat. Deer season officially starts on Nov. 7.  

  “My favorite part is probably getting up early in the morning and getting with a buddy. I usually turn on Family Guy, or something and get ready to go,” said junior Hunter Bagley.

  There are different ways to hunt.

  “When I hunt deer I prefer using a bow, cause it’s more challenging.” said Bagley.

  Some people may be hunting for the first time this year. There are multiple reasons to go hunting.

  “I enjoy being in the great outdoors,” said junior Cade Chiles. “Hunting on private property is great because there’s not as many people,” said Chiles.

   While going hunting, being safe is a priority.

  “Always make sure your firearm is pointed in a safe direction, and wear orange. Always wear your orange while hunting,” hunter education instructor Stan Adler.